Westworld Season 1 Ep 3 (2016) TV-Srs Mini Review

Episode 3 really picks up the pace at a faster rate than its predecessors. It begins normally enough with the sunrise and William does a heroic act in one of the storylines where he shoots the bad guy. Teddy meets up with Dolores, who keeps seeing flashes of Mysterious Black Man, and she asks Teddy to teach her to shoot. However, her programming prevents her from pulling the trigger and she wants Teddy to bring her away from the town a to a new place instead. Of course, Teddy refuses due to his programmed script. Ford then decided to give him a real background story and a nemesis that he would be hunting down as part of his new narrative. Somewhere along the story, Elsie tracks down a stray with Ashley and discovers that it begins to act out of its programming.

What I love about this episode is the way backstory is added not only for the hosts but for the human characters as well. We get to know more of Bernard’s past where his son has died and also on his secret interaction with Dolores. His conversations with her reveals that Bernard is actually trying to make Dolores find her own consciousness, or perhaps unintentionally. Ford seems to suspect this as he reveals about the existence of Arnold, who some of the malfunction hosts have kept repeating his names. Arnold, who Ford claims has died, pursues consciousness for the host and is driven mad by it. So some of the codes left in the hosts, for example the voices they heard, may have come from the remnant of codes by Arnold in the past. Ford warns Bernard that the hosts are not conscious, and they should never be. However, Bernard decides not to reset Dolores after some chatting with her and witnessing her intelligence and some signs of consciousness has surfaced, as he wants to see where the path leads.

The characters are improved with more backstory and also the changes, which is the theme of this episode, is evident in many of the events that happened. We see the hosts being strayed and starts to develop behaviours outside of their programming, and some starts to experience more flashback from previous memories. The music theme for the series become an important critical piece that ties this episode together as it keeps repeating itself every new morning. It symbolises that change is coming, yet ironically, its supposed to mean the hosts should loop back into the setting and restart life anew each day.

WestWorld ep 3.png

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