Black Mirror Season 1 Ep 3 (2011) Tv-Srs Mini Review

The Final episode of Season 1 of Black Mirror has a lot of expectations to meet as its previous two episodes are masterpieces in their own right. This time, the new technology features relates to ‘memories’, where each person has a device inserted behind their ears to record every single thing they see and hear, and has the ability to ‘replay’ them anytime. It is not a very original concept and this type has been used in many sci-fi films and tv-series, so how does Black Mirror’s version do differently?

Liam Foxwell is a lawyer waiting for an appraisal but his is not going well. Then he goes to his wife’s party and met some new people there. He meets Jonas, who he instantly dislikes as his quick perception notices something amiss between him and his wife. Long story short: He suspects that Jonas and his wife have an affair. So, Liam uses the ‘replay’ obsessively to link up clues he picks up from each memory file until he discovers the truth.

Truth to be told, this episode is rather bland compared to its predecessors. There are not much twist that can be added to such a simple story of using technology to discover an affair, and everyone knows the ending more or less with many foreshadowing moments. I’m just quite disappointed that the story and visual seems to pale in comparison with the other two.

However, it does have a few things that are gotten right.For one, the actors are great in delivering the emotions, especially for the main character. There’s just something about him that makes people know he is a stubborn guy; and he shows his rough and soft side and the transiton is pretty jarring. There are a lot of scenes of him doing the replaying and he looks sinister in those, as if he is his own devil in those periods. Then he reverts to his human side who agonises over his findings and his emotions start leaking out.

Pacing wise is not bad but the beginning can be quite slow, though the latter parts are kept simple and the story flows without being dragged too long. Music is just okay but not really memorable, but it fits the mood and atmosphere of the scenes and conflicts. Surprisingly, I love the parts where it is just silence, as those moments are the critical point of the story and everything is left to the actor to bring out those emotions from their actions, words and expressions. The ending is just what we all expected, so not much surprise there.



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