FLAC vs Spotify vs YouTube: HEARING Review

So, have ya ever been wondering whether you can tell apart an mp3 from a lossless flac file? Or if ya are also curious in knowing if Spotify 320kbps mp3 is better than Youtube downloaded mp3, then You might want to try it out along with us!

I have a panel of 4 students from completely different backgrounds, where one is starting audio enthusiast, one is a music engineer, one is a lawyer and one is an accountant. They will be hearing 3 different musics with 2 different headphones, one is an open back and one is a closed back, the last test is done with a speaker.

0:00 Intro
1:11 Test #1 file 1 Grenade
1:57 Test #1 file 2 Grenade
2:33 Test #1 file 3 Grenade
3:31 Test #1 Participant’s Answer
6:45 Test #1 Revelation

9:05 Test #2 file 1 Show me Meaning of being lonely
10:09 Test #2 file 2
11:11 Test #2 file 3
11:58 Test #2 Participants’ Answers
14:57 Test #2 Revelation

16:43 Test #3 file 1 Mockingbird
17:26 Test #3 file 2
18:11 Test #3 file 3
19:34 Participants’ answers
23:38 Revelatation

24:44 Conclusion

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Anthony L Tjandra

A photographer and videographer that aims to capture the Heart behind the moments.

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