Westworld Season 1 Ep 2 (2016) TV-Srs Mini Review

Ep 2 proves to be much more interesting than I thought it would be. The episode begins normally enough with the hosts restarting their day with the unique piano tunes. We are then introduced to two new characters, William and Logan, who are the opposite of each other. William is kind and gentle while Logan is the arrogant and rough one. However, the main story is mostly behind the scenes in the daily routine of Westworld’s inhabitants.

There are more mysteries being revealed in the case of Dolores being able to influence another host, Maeve, and causes her to retrieve some memories from her previous roles. The Black Mysterious Man is shown to connected to all of these cases and he saves a would-be-executed prisoner Lawrence and then moves him to his hometown. He wants to know the location of the maze and we are told that he believes he is born in the Westworld, perhaps being the first human to have done so.

Episode 2 quickens its pace slightly as we have already seen most of the hosts and their scripted storyline. Behind the scenes, Bernard and his team is still trying to find the source of the infection and he deduces that someone is trying to sabotage the hosts from the inside. Then it is revealed Bernard and Theresa have sexual relationship, more like f*ck buddy though. Now, ironically, we explore more of the human’s relationships rather than the hosts compared to precious episode. Lee and Dr Ford has a clash in what they deem as what the guests want, with the former emphasising story while the latter explains that the guests return because of the subtleties uniquenessthat only Westworld can provide and he will produce his own original storyline.

There’s not much dramatic sequences and also not much fighting other than occasional brawl and flashbacks for Maeve. I like how they keep us engaged with the Black Mysterious Man appearing more often with his hidden motive. Then, we are subtly brought back to the reality that Dolores and Maeve have been deeply infected and they too, heard a voice. Whose voice is left unknown, but I keep watching to match the clues with what’s provided. It becomes a sort of detective game for the audience, but after this I realised that perhaps, it maybe is another storyline? If everything in Westworld is scripted, then are the malfunction hosts just following their own twisted script? And who is telling them to do this? There is a short sequence of Bernard and Dolores having a ‘secret talk’, but it brings more mysteries than answers. One part where it’s the most mysterious is when Maeve wakes up halfway from her dream to discover herself being cleaned by engineers. They brushed it off as their carelessness in turning her to sleep mode, but she ‘woke’ up from her dream, which according to one of the engineer is just a memory. Dolores also woke up at unscripted time to dig out a gun following commands by the voice.

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