TRUMP & Silent Majority Factor

I woke up and is about to check the news but Facebook already told me the results with multiple posts from my friends about their shock and disbelief that the infamous Trump has won. For me, his victory has become a lesser surprise since Brexit has taught me that there are silent majority (those not voicing their thoughts on the internet) who are the main factor for the result of such event for either the polls(former) and the referendum(latter). I will be speaking from a perspective of someone ordinary, and without looking at much other information, and based my opinion like the majority of the voters on what I felt is the reason for Trump winning the Presidency 2016.

(this piece is written solely from my perspective and I have not researched much into either candidates or histories, so to ensure I would have the same amount of knowledge as most silent majority voters [this is what I assumed and if I’m wrong, do comment & correct me below])

So many people are surprised, shocked or depressed amid the end of the polls. True, the media has portrayed Trump as the Bad Guy who has sprouted nonsense during the debate or even before that when he suggester highly controversial idea to build a ‘Wall’. When I searched for forums or such articles’ comment sections, the majority would oppose him and said they would vote Clinton regardless of her questionable history. The media becomes a space where the Democrats are always viewed as the Good Guy and Republicans otherwise. However, is this truly what the other silent majority are thinking as well?

The answer turns out to be a huge NO. Let’s take a look at the final result polls map.

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 11.47.01.png

See all those huge number of Reds compared to Blues?? That’s the real truth. I felt that the people have been wanting ‘Change’ to come. This ‘Change’ happens during 2008 Election when Barack Obama won. That change when they have seen the US’s first Black President (and a good one too) is fulfilled and now after 8 years, still people wants something different. Hillary Clinton maybe portrayed as the better candidate with everything she said and suggested being Politically Correct. But, to me, she looks like the same candidate from 8 years ago when she was a candidate as well. She became the stereotypical President’s figure that fights for goods of people and being open and fair to all. Not that it is wrong of course, but words and actions have to come together. The Silent Majority has not seen much changes in the past 8 years of their lives or is either not majorly affected by the new policies.

Trump, on the other hand, becomes a platform for these Silent Majority to voice out indirectly. We are all humans and being politically correct all the time is impossible. Something has to give away for us to maintain this, and most of the time, we need a place/platform/representative to voice out this suppress emotion. For me, Trump is the ultimate representative for these people. He is not afraid to say the wrong things, and what he believes in are not politically correct either. In fact, he’s far from it, but he voices out what the Silent Majority wants to voice and hear. Perhaps, its very well possible that these people just want to see some form of ‘Changes’, especially when their lives for the past 8 years have not improved as much as what the previous Goverment has claimed possible. The Change to be something different, regardless of the pro & cons, to see if their lives can change in some ways. I guess being stagnant is not what we human can handle.

Trump is also very charismatic and handles his way with words and presentations brilliantly. He is, arguably, more charismatic than Hillary, and most of the time he is able to bring out the inner voice of the supporters. To be more precise, he is able to bring out his supporter’s rage and raw emotion that’s been suppressed in this era of politically correctness. Ironically, because of this, the more the media tries to denounce him, the more it makes him famous as his words are broadcasted to all parts of the world through all media platforms. You would be surprised to know that on most platform, you will see more Trump than Hillary, and the reason why is the former is unique and the latter is ordinary. Everyone knows what Hillary will talk about and her characteristics, but they just prefer Trump’s because its more attention seeking. Now, the Silent Majority will always treat the Media as bias and starts to endorse Trump but not voicing this in the public.

Trump, by now, this name has been repeated more than Hillary, and his name is now a buzzword. To be fair, I have heard some of his speech and I imagined that if I attended his rally, I would probably be overwhelmed by all these raw emotions from other supporters. He also said some remarks that are truth but twisted in his own presentations. He knows how to blame someone which we all are very glad to do. He knows what we want to hear and feel, and by we, I am of course referring to yet again the Silent Majority. Trump is essentially what the Silent Majority suppressed emotion wants to say. You can bash him, denounce him all you like, but he has a strong major support from the silences among the media and internet, and you can’t argue that after today.

2016 is a Year of Changes, with Brexit and President Trump happening in the same year. What Trump has made famous, the Wall, is even replicated in European Countries now with the dealing of migrant crisis becoming critical. Because what he voices out is the simple solution that is only short-term but it also resonates with the Silent Majority, and in some parts, to the rest of us. The world shall witness changes, either for better or worse, but this too will be history and it will repeat itself again after some time; Perhaps we human just ain’t good at learning from mistakes and the Silent Majority is the true factor for most Referendum & Elections. Congrats President Trump on your winning, that’s all I can say as he earns the people’s vote, and I shall not comment any further until changes have been seen. Now, go make America Great Again, for better or worse in your ways. Till 4 years later, will we decide if things have, indeed, becomes Greater again for the Silent Majority and for all of us.




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Anthony L Tjandra

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