Westworld Season 1 Ep 1 (2016) TV-Srs Mini Review

Westworld is a HBO Tv-series that is based on 1973 film of the same name, and also some inspiration from its 1976 sequel <Futureworld>. It is a science fiction thriller created by Christopher Nolan’s younger brother Jonathan Nolan and his wife, Lisa Joy. The setting is a futuristic Western-themed amusement park where humans will get along (or not) the Android inhabitants of the world. Androids in this world served as Hosts, which is created for the high-payer ‘newcomers’ humans entertainment. The latter is allowed to do whatsoever they wish with the former without repercussions.

Ep 1 begins with a young woman who woke up from a dream that seems to be asking about its consciousness. It then starts slowly with us being introduced to different people in the world and also to a young man in the train. When he arrived in the town, he meets the young woman and both of them are relieved to find each other back. Suddenly, two bandits and a Mysterious Man kills her family and the young man. Its only during the conflicts, do we learn that those people are Androids, except perhaps the Mysterious Man. Everything reverts the normal on the next day with the Androids’ memories wiped clean and they start anew.

Westworld takes its theme of Artificial Intelligence and shows it subtly. The Director prefers to take things slow and instead shows us the ordinary lives of multiple Androids living through the same lives with minor variations, due to the ‘newcomers’ unintentional/intentional interventions. Soon, things start to get awry when the company that created Westworld realises that some Androids start malfunctioning or developing an anomaly in behaviours. One of them is the Young Woman’s father who happens upon a picture of a human from the outside world and somehow his program becomes bugged. Its at this point that we are told of possible reasons: the company director wanted to create a more life-like Androids, resulting them being able to access hidden programs and starts to develop consciousness.

The events start to quicken its pace with more anomalies among Androids being found and until the ending, where I was shocked that the Young Woman is actually something more than she looks like. I love how the event sequence chronicles one another, with each event revealing new clues on whats going to happen next. There are virtually no parts that are being added just for visual or being dragged for dramatic effect. In a way, I start to sympathise with the Androids through their looping life, and they invoke this emotion simply through great storytelling technique and not some extremely dramatic event like in other drama. Strangely, although they keep looping some events, I actually get to know more of the characters personalities and how they interact with one another.

Westworld ep 1 The Original combines a great storytelling with the matching visuals of CGI and Western-themed setting. Its characters, for humans and especially for Androids, are filled with personalities through the looping events. It takes its time to show you the world and its inhabitants for you to get immerse into it just like the ‘newcomers’. Then it brings you on a ride through some mysterious Android malfunctions and a human’s unknown plan to kill Androids. So many mysteries, and one of the best simple ending I have seen, this episode deserves a 8/10 for me!

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