Doctor Strange (2016) Film Mini Review

New Marvel Film! Woo hoo! This time featuring the Doctor who is able to manipulate matter and time. Their marketing has been kicking up lately and with it already released just a few days ago, let’s find out of it’s worth your bucks!

The film began with a comedic tone and then it picks up considerably with Doctor Strange experiencing an accident that will change his life forever. His search for the cure to his crippled hands lead him to a secret sorcerer organisation that is at the forefront defence against The Dark Dimension Lord. Many other characters are introduced and the story flows smoothly and keeps its comfortable pace towards the bigger events.

Visual effects play a very important and visible role as this is perhaps the few Marvel movies packed with them in almost every scene. However, they are kept simple and inception-like and I don’t feel tired from watching them. This is especially so for the fire crackling effect of all the sorcerers’ spells and weapons. Smartly, the enemies’ spells and weapons are made of transparent ice–a direct contrast to the sorcerers.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays the role of Doctor Strange very well. His acting blends quirkiness and seriousness brilliantly. There are comedic scenes interwoven between the fighting scenes and the formula is indeed very strange. This film is pretty unique with the art direction and directing style. Watch it to find out more!

Wonderful strange film that is done exceptionally. They cast the right actor and used the appropriate VFX. The film flows nicely from comedic scene to serious ones. This is a must watch for Marvel Fans and those that just want to see Benedict Cumberbatch! I will give it 8/10 for me!


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Anthony L Tjandra

A photographer and videographer that aims to capture the Heart behind the moments.

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