Pimm’s Pizza Mini Review

Yeah! First Food Review of those takeaways I have eaten for the past years. And the first one will be Pimm’s Pizza! It is located in Bristol only so this post is more for those in Bristol or planning to visit Bristol hehe. Without further ado, let’s see if they are worth your money when you are too lazy to cook!

How to Order


You can order them through JustEat website, where they do a free delivery within 3 miles if you spend more than £11 (which is really quite easy). It’s also pretty effortless to find it since it’s one of the only ones proudly displaying  <BTA Winner 2016> on their page and selection. What’s more, as of 31/10/2016, they have an ongoing promotion of 20% off if you spend more than £25, so share it the cost with your mates to use that offer! You can pay either with Cash or Card, though I have always used card which simplifies everything.





Delivery Time

One thing that makes me always choosing them over other pizza chains is their delivery speed. Take note that I stayed in City Centre so it may differ for those staying further away, but if you do live in the Centre, you will be pleased to know they have a great record of delivering on time!

In my experience, sometimes they even managed to come 10-15mins earlier than I expected and I could have a quick dinner or supper right after ordering from them.


Food Quality


I have only ordered their thin crusts so I could not guarantee the taste of other custom crusts. Their thin crusts are probably one of the best I have ever eaten from delivered pizza. The Pimm’s knows how to create such thin crusts that is easy to eat and also tasty to bite. I have tried their Special Hams, All meat, Cheese & Tomato, Vegetarian and All Breakfast selections and I will say all of them taste great!

The cheese melts at just the right consistency and the other ingredients are cooked just right. My mouth is basically filled with chewy goodness from each slice, and the cheese and thin crusts just make a perfect combo. The following pictures only show some of them and is in both 9-inch and 12-inch sizes.

For the sides, some garlic bread, cheese wedges and cheese sticks (*not available since few weeks ago sadly :S ), they are alright and taste just like any others you can find from other takeaways. So, the pizza is where they concentrate effort into and I LOVE them!



You can store them overnight and reheat them in microwave for 1min using the highest power and still taste good. Yum~


Try it and see, that’s all I would say. I would recommend the All Meat, Vegetarian  and plain Cheese & Tomato for first few and then branch out to the rest. Although, you cna just share with more people to get more options. This is one of the best pizzas I have ordered from a takeaway store and also delivered faster than any others. For the delicious experience it gave me, I would give it 8.5/10!

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