Downfall (2004) Film Mini Review

War; War never changes. There’s always two sides to a coin, and a battlefield is no less different. You might have seen this film in several parodies from one of its most impactful scene, but when you view it in the real film, it will strike you hard. For Hitler has his side of story to tell, but can this film display it well? Let’s delve deeper!

First of all, part of the film is based on the final 10 days of Hitler’s rule over Nazi Germany. It began with a slow start when the Fuhrer is choosing his personal secretary and then things start to move fast. The Nazis are on the losing side of the war against the Soviet Russia and conflicts between the generals and Hitler starts to intensify. The film captures these moods and scenes really well, as it depicts a sense of realism and human’s desperate attempt to live through war. You will see the different sides of each conflict and also on the reason why Hitler is so revered by his loyalists. Bruno Ganz, who acted as Hitler, plays a very convincing role in showing us both Hitler’s leadership and also his frail sides. I can feel that Hitler is just like any human, it’s just that he has too much confident, but he also knows about what he had to do when they are losing the war.

Atmosphere hits the right note, as the grim of the war starts to take the toll on the bunker’s inhabitants. Everything is greyish blue and the only colour is probably in some scenes but they are really muted. Only the women are in colours as well, adding control to the role of females in the war in contrast with the men. The role of masculinity and femininity are handled in intricate manner and they interwine with each other.

Loyalty, pride and defeat are captured in subsequent sequences that leads us to think deeply of why men wage wars. When you are trapped from multiple enemies, will your pride give in or stay on? Hitler is our representation of a human who rules from the top and then topples down to defeat.

This is a historical drama that captures the situation in Berlin bunkers and the war atmosphere perfectly. You will feel for the characters, but at the same time you also understand why they fell in the war. Perhaps this is a good reminder that pride goes both ways, you either die for your cause/belief or let it go to learn from your mistakes. This is a must watch if you like deep historical drama movie that contains some moral lessons. It definitely deserves 8.5/10 for me!



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Anthony L Tjandra

A photographer and videographer that aims to capture the Heart behind the moments.

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