Sausage Party (2016) Film Mini Review

Sexual? Check. Comedy? Check. Violence? Check. That’s pretty much sums it up for this delightfully, hilarious, kinky sexual movie that came out this year. Oh yeah, you will be brought to a world of supermarket food that can talk and walk. And, they know what they want in this R-Rated comedy 😉 Read on to find out in this mini dirty review!

It begins just like a normal 3D animated movies that seemingly targeted at kids. So we have a musical playing introducing the supermarket food and (if you notice it) the lyrics are kind of fore-shadowing the coming events. We are introduced to Frank, a normal sausage in a bag who is in love with Brenda, a bun in another bag beside his. They do something very kinky called ‘ Touch-the-tip’, very very brave indeed (LOL). Then, a honey mustard is returned after going past the Great beyond (aka the supermarket exit) and the story begins when Brenda and Frank are separated from the rest due to an incident.

The animation is not Pixar quality but is bright and loveable. Each character is given a stereotypes like from the nation that produces the food (ex Curry powder has Indian accent, Taco has mexican accent and so forth). They are also given a personality and belief based on their stereotype, so we can have bagel fighting with wrap (Jews vs Arab), which makes for some funny scenes and good jokes. There are so many characters that say puns which are sexual though.

The music is appropriate but rather forgettable. And the main things that stand out is perhaps the perceived violence and gore in this film. Humans will be killed and die from gruesome ways, but not the way they show it. Though, the film manages to tone it down with more sexual references and even ‘actions’ in the end. The ending is perhaps not the most original but you will be giggling at it.

Sausage Party is a great comedic, sexual and violence-filled 3D animation that really captures the many stereotype of its characters. The never ending puns and jokes with some action scenes made up for the weak plot and you will be giggling or even laughing your way through. This movie deserves an 8/10 for me!

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Anthony L Tjandra

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