Vanilla Sky (2001) Film Mini Review

Vanilla Sky, featuring Tom Cruise, is just one hell of metaphors, illusions and dreams mixed together. It is a film of  many genres: science fiction, thriller, romance and psychological. Cameron Crowe directs the film with a vision in mind, and the style is very obviously bright for a science fiction film. It’s a pretty unique film, so let’s explore this colourfully weird combination film in this mini review!

The movie starts very normally with Tom Cruise as a billionaire’s son who inherits all his father’s wealth. He has a fuck buddies relation with Cameron Diaz’s character, but it’s actually more of a one sided love. Then his friend, Brian brought a Spanish girl, Sophia, which Tom Cruise quickly falls for. The film picks up the pace when Cameron Diaz’s character finds out about this and attempts to die with Tom Cruise in a car accident. It fails but leaves Tom Cruise disfigured, which destroyed his love life with Sophia and his reason for living. The colour and mood change is purposely shown to be in heavy contrast.

So his life begins with a warmish sky and tone, which then leads to cold bluish colours in the middle half, before jumping to bright warm colours in the end. The colours used are perfect in depicting and also giving hints of the weird events happening. You may suspect that it’s an illusion, a dream or just hallucinations, but the ending makes it very vague. However, the characters are really fleshed out especially for Tom Cruise’s. We get to see him going up and down in life. All this happen in a suitable pace while not keeping us bored by introducing more weird events. The soundtracks used are also perfect for the setting and mood.

This film is a blender of many different genres with a very vague endings. It does however, keeps me engaged till the end with many weird events happening that raises more questions. Vanilla Sky is like a weird but great tasting cocktails with a hallucination effects. This film deserves a 8/10 for me!

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Anthony L Tjandra

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