Dead Barrier Reef: Our deed, their death

‘Almost dead’  , the scientists have pronounced. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is holding on to its last breath. See, the world is changing…for the worse. Since the bees incident, (read it here for my article regarding this) we are now faced with another destruction of nature. As the water temperature rises, along with global warming, it affects the corals in a really bad way. This is called coral bleaching, which is the result of corals and the algae-like protozoa being killed from exposure to very warm water.

(the following is purely based on my opinion on the matter)

So what’s next? We have seen the signs coming all this time. The bees tell us the story from one side of the Earth. The Great Barrier Reef shows us the other half. Are we ready to wake up? And perhaps do something? That is the question that has no definite answers.

I am still not sure if it’s too late, but this is perhaps how nature will end its cycle. It can be said the world is moving on to a new era and this is just one of the visible changes. However, we can still save the ones that are left. It’s not entirely too late to make drastic action to save our nature. We live with nature and will die with their disappearance. This is the symbolic relationship we shared ever since we exist.

If the corals dying are just the beginning, can we prevent or, at least, slow the destruction down before it becomes worse? We can start making some changes in our lifestyle, bit by bit, to prevent more species from suffering the same fate. Humans are not perfect, but the least we could do, is to learn from these mistakes. Now or never, you may live for a hundred year, but other species won’t even get a chance to live for a second in the foreseeable future if nothing is being done.

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Anthony L Tjandra

A photographer and videographer that aims to capture the Heart behind the moments.

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