Bees and Humans: End of Relationship?

(the following are purely based on my opinion on the matter)

According to the latest report,  bees have been officially included in the US Fish and Wildlife Service of endangered species list. This is heartbreaking. We humans have done something truly horrific to lead to this. For a long time, we and the bees have been in a relationship. We gain a lot from the bees, like the honeys and pollination of beautiful flowers in nature. However, what do we give in return? Let’s see, perhaps this is a toxic relationship, where we humans start harming the bees and let it die slowly, unknowingly.

There have been many articles regarding the consequences. If the bee dies, we die, that’s it. Worse, they die because of our action indirectly. Remember the pesticide? Yeah, that’s probably one of them. We intend to kill another species, but it backfire by harming an ally species. Life is just so unpredictable and our actions are the same. But, can we do anything to solve this?

This article is not going to provide an answer. It is here as an opinion; it is a suggestion; it is my statement. I hope that those who employ pesticide and chemicals to kill pest to start changing their way. There are so many ways to control a species using natural ways. Sure, they are not the fastest or the best in terms of result, but they are definitely safer than our current method. Bees have been with us for so long. Our friend gives us nutritional honey and works hard to keep nature in balance. In fact, they control the pace of survival of nature.

In the coming future, we will never know what’s going to happen. Perhaps, this is pre-destined? aka humans are created to destroy the world? Or perhaps, as my best friend said, humans can choose sides to help defend nature. Balance is the key; when is excessive becomes dangerous? And when can we start changing our ways to accommodate the future?

Comment this article below to tell me your opinion. Who knows this will start a revolution 😀

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Anthony L Tjandra

A photographer and videographer that aims to capture the Heart behind the moments.

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