John Wick (2014) Film Mini Review

John Wick marks a return of Keanu Reeves into action movie since his absence from the genre for some time. This a movie that puts a simple plot into an enjoyable action thriller. We are not bombarded with story development and slow pacing. Rather, we will be treated to some cool action choreography, guns violence the style of Keanu as hitman. Let’s get down to why this movie is simply greatly executed.

As I said, the plotline is one of the most basic I have ever seen. Basically, a Russian Boss’s son ambushes John’s house and kills his puppy, which is the last gift from her deceased wife. So John gets angry and determines to kill those that did these to him. That’s it! It’s a really simplistic plot of revenge that only includes some subplots of the mafia world.

But the meat is in the action. Within 10 minutes into the film, John has already dealt the killing blow to the bad guys. The film picks up the pace immediately after this phase and does not stop. You will literally be shown many many scenes that involve guns, bloods and some martial arts, though not similar to The Matrix, but Keanu Reeves sure executes them in his own way. Character development wise, sadly, is almost untouched and they just keep introducing new characters along the way.

John Wick is for those that wants to watch action, great choreography and Keanu Reeves in his revenge journey. If you fancy character development or a complex story, this is not your cup of tea. However, if gun violence and hitman getting revenge is one of your favourites, then this movie will appeal just for you. This deserves 7.5/10 for me!


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Anthony L Tjandra

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