Away from Her (2006) Film Mini Review

Away from Her is a Canadian film that brings out the realism of Alzheimer’s disease onto the big screen. There are not much dramatisation in the whole film at all. Two main themes are always present: Realism and Reversal. The former is very true and sticks to the storytelling from the beginning. We are shown the frailness of humans when they loved one was diagnosed with Alzheimer. It was a really heartbreaking experience as you have to adapt. The main character, Brant, has to force himself to adapt to this situation. There are no way around it and Love is not the magic potion.

Reversal is another point that is subtly shown in the movie. It is the reversal of memories and love. You will feel the pain in your heart when you see Fiona, who is afflicted by Alzheimer, starts to adapt by letting Brant go. Next, she becomes best friend and semi-lover with one of the patient. And it causes Brant heartache which reverses to him becoming depressed and almost suffer the same disease.

The story is paced quite slowly, but you are always engaged with it. The sheer portray of realism keeps you grounded and hoping for miracle. However, ironically, it seems that the only miracle only happened when you gives all of your love by adapting, and letting go of the past memories, so as to assure the present would be a happier state for both parties. The actors are doing very well, especially Fiona’s, in bringing out the gradual degradation of her mental and physical health.

This is a movie of realism that does not dramatise as much for a illness-themed film. You will feel that it’s very relevant to yourself, if you have anyone you know that suffered the same. In fact, it teaches you a moral lesson along the way and until the end. Such film is rare and the Director handled it very well. This deserves an 8.5/10 for me! Definitely a must watch if you are ready to accept the fact that human is just fragile and we need to learn to adapt for loved ones.


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Anthony L Tjandra

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