Nightcrawler(2014) Film Mini Review

Nightcrawler features Jake Gyllenhaal( Donnie Darko, The Day after Tomorrow, Source Code) as a sociopath who discovered his skills as stringer after an encounter with one. Jake plays as Louis “Lou” Bloom, who does not feel the same emotion as normal humans. He thinks with cool logic and emotion is what he lacked of. His actions and logic affect other characters that interact with him.

The film picks up it’s pace from the beginning and has never slowed down. There are no boring parts in between events as, similar to a stringer’s job, things keep ongoing and new events happening. Jake plays a very convincing role with his dead-pan face and emotionless voice, which is contrasted with his only employee, Riz Ahmed’s Rick. Some scenes specifically show this contrast and also displaying Louis’s certain habit (hint: near tv)

Nightcrawler adopted a greyish look similar to 1990s vibe. The only things that are bright is his car, ironically. The Director loves to play with the contrast in character, colours, moods and settings throughout the film. There are some cool music being played in certain scenes that fit but is not the film’s strong point. I love the action scenes where he worked as stringer at night and you can see what actually transpired behind each accidents. In America, what you saw on TV probably comes from these people as well. The payment can be negotiated and people are willing to do anything to get THE footage. I can feel the tension and excitement behind each chase and the film never let me down.

Nightcrawler is a good film that features well-casted actors and with a unique perspective from a stringer. Action sequences are handled well and is paced accordingly. The plot keeps you hanging till the last and makes you feel for the character who is emotionless. This film definitely deserves a 7.8/10 for me!

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