Dark Souls 3 Multiplayer

This is a short extended analysis regarding Dark Souls 3 multiplayer from a normal gamer with normal dedication.

So now goes the difference in build-sets according to my opinion for Single Player and Multiplayer with some tips.

My Playthrough:

Single Player

  • Assassins Class
  • Coward-playing style with arrows and bow from hard-to-be-attacked places
  • Using Soul Arrow as another preferred skill to damage or attract enemies
  • Hit & Run tactics, testing out the places where the AI just can’t reach you
  • Patience is needed for this playstyle
  • Minimum Parry or Maximum Blocking


  • Knight Class
  • Practice Parrying with most enemies and bosses
  • Blocking as habits most of the time
  • Less hit & run and plans tactic to fight enemies one by one bravely
  • Skills and observance is needed for this playstyle
  • Maximum Parry and Maximum Blockinh
  • Learning weapons and items attack combos
  • Less use of magic

And that’s all for now as I’m going through with my second new game with new character 😀


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Anthony L Tjandra

A photographer and videographer that aims to capture the Heart behind the moments.

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