Primark Cheap Black Gloves Review

If perhaps you have a cold hand, or perhaps the cold weather is incoming, what do you need to keep warm? It happened to me when winter was arriving at an early rate. I stumbled into a Primark store and happened to find one at only 1 pound! The product included two pairs of black cotton gloves. However, does such a cheap price correspond to its quality? Read on to find out!

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Nope, none of that can be found here. They just tied two pairs of gloves together with a pin. Well, this is as expected from charging them a quid.


Build Quality

Ehhhhh…let’s see, they are not bad per se. They are actually pretty comfortable and is relatively thick too. The cottons give a smooth sensation while worn. It also fits my hand just right. Just one caveat is that it attracts plenty of dust fast and the cotton nubs appearing a bit too fast. Otherwise, you get the quality that you pay for, or maybe more.


Usage Experience

P1020244 copy

It kept my hands warm when the temperature is around 8 degree Celcius or above. However, it does not do very well when the mercury metre hits lower, so do be caution of this fact. One of the best things about this glove is you can wear both sides and nobody will notice, as its all black and with no small bit of cloth to mark the right side. You can use a glove for both hands interchangeably, which pretty convenient when you want to put them on in a hurry.

The gloves are washable with your normal laundry, but it will shrink and you may have a bit of difficulty wearing it back(unless you have small hands). They can be revived to normal size after wearing them for an hour or two. Mind that these gloves are nothing special but they do what they do pretty well. Of course, with their build quality and price, they are not the best for the job. If you are willing to spend more, get better ones that can retain more heat in colder weather.



Good gloves come at cost, bad gloves come at low cost; but these gloves stand inbetween those tight line separating the two. It’s not the best at its job, but it does not perform very badly as well. But seriously, for 1 pound, you can just get this for emergency or when travelling to a country with average temperature not lower than 7- 8 degree Celcius. You will get yourself a steal from this product when the (simple)requirements are all met 😉

For the quality/experiences that it gave me, I would give it 6.5/10!



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