Wilko Oven Glove Review

What do we need the most when dealing with oven or microwave? What do we use to hold those blistering hot food that we so craver without burning our dear hands? The answer is pretty obvious. But how do you know if the myriads of brands out there are any good? Well, for starter, we can take a look at one of them: Wilko Oven Glove.

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Nope, it does not come with any packaging. You can find it lying around the shelf in some stores or the houseware section. It’s bright red colour is eye-catching enough to capture your attention from afar. Perhaps this is the reason Wilko forgoes any fancy packaging to let the product shine by itself? :p


Build Quality

It’s made of 100% cotton. Soft but thick materials make it seems really heatproof. The glove also sports diamond pattern to give a certain texture. At the side, it includes a loop hole for hanging by a hook; a considerate though design.


The inside is white and is made of the same material but with white surface. Other than that, there is nothing much special about this oven glove compared to the rest.


Usage Quality

I have been heating my food and baking some with temperature ranging from 190C to 210C for some time. When I use Wilko glove to get them right at the moment the timer is finished, I was quite surprised at it’s heat resistant capability. Certainly, the higher the initial temperature in the setting, the more heat you will feel travelling to your skin. However, none of them caused any worse than just uncomfortable feeling. I have never been burnt while wearing it. Though do take note I have yet try anything 210C and above, which MAY cause burning, just a warning.

P1020215 copy

The glove is also semi waterproof. I have touched wet and food before, and it does not goes through inside completely. In fact, I don’t feel the damp wetness in the inner side at all. However, it is not resistant to stains and will accumulate unless you wash it every week(which I guess you will rarely do). Lastly, it is also quite big and can fit any hand size, with comfortable texture to make you feel good while baking or handling any hot stuff.


What I can complain from a glove that only cost 2-3 GBP? It does what it’s intended to do surprisingly well, with the added semi waterproof capability. You will not regret getting it at this price range, and it is also easy to find amid your (messy) kitchen ūüėČ

For the quality/experiences that it gave me, I would give it 8.5/10!


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