3nity 3PB022 External Charger Review

With the worldwide trend of having slimmer phone comes at a price of battery size. If you have one of those phone, I can bet the battery won’t last whole day or even half a day. Gone are the usual one week or one month worth of battery power in the Nokia days, you would count yourself lucky to last through your evening. But every problem comes with a solution, and we found ourselves inventing portable external chargers. This small device could charge up your phone in matter of an hour and could sometimes charge them twice. Some comes with extra features like flashlight etc. Here we will review the 3nity 3PB022 external charger to evaluate its value in the market.

this review is written with excessive care to avoid any errors, however, there might still be some appearing due to human error)


I got this free from an event, which is possibly a 3nity event that I had forgotten some years ago. So it comes with just a small plain white box covered up with pocket bubbles. You just won’t expect to find something magnificent from such a box…just not. Heck, I even thought that I got a keychain or something similar, but life do always give surprises in unexpected time.


Build Quality

The front and back is made of hard smooth matte plastic while the middle is filled with small line texture. 3nity has chosen a pretty dull colour scheme and 3PB022 won’t catch your attention at all. It is very conservative and do not give an impression of a premium product. However, it does feel durable and can withstand some drops or falls. ( I did it for probably 10 times)


On it’s one side, you will be seeing all the available connections available. 3PB022 uses mini-USB for charging itself and normal USB 2.0 for charging other phone. Makes sure you don’t reverse it to prevent accidental damage(to your phone & the charger). There are also two LED lights beside the USBs. One of them will only light up when it is being used to charge, while the other is used as UV flashlight. At it’s back, there are some words printed to display the model number and specifications of:

Capacity: 5200mAh, Input: 5v, 1A, Output 5V, 2.1A. (Made in China)

Usage Quality

I have used this charger for two years and it’s still surprisingly going strong. With my Motorola X 2014 edition, it is able to charge it fully in two hours and then charge extra 30%. It’s pretty decent and though not as fast as current ones due to older technology, it gets the job done with spare juice left.


At the top side of the charger, there is an included battery metre which is pretty helpful. You will need to press the power button to activate it. The same button is also used for enabling the UV flashlight at the USB front side. For me, the UV flashlight is an extra that is really useful when I just need small source of light in complete darkness. Who knows, perhaps it can be used in an emergency, acting as battery reserve and a flashlight. Be warned though, that the flashlight will drain the battery at a weirdly fast rate. This proved problematic when the power button is so easy to be pressed in the bag or pocket. Once, I took it out after a day to charge my phone only to see its flashlight on and battery metre at 25%.



What we have here is a decent external charger that does its job at a reasonable rate. It has no extra bell and whistle aside from the flashlight, and not as big battery reserve as the current ones. The button is also easy to be pressed accidentally and fast drained the battery. However, it has been with me for two years and does not seem to have decreased its capability by a lot. So if you have extra budget, get a better one, but if you just need a secondary one, this is a pretty good but not great pick.

For the quality/experiences that it gave me, I would give it 7/10!

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