Keep Calm and Keep Smiling Mug Review

Mugs, mugs and more mugs! The Keep Calm series has grown incredibly popular in the past year. It can be found on almost anywhere, from shirt, jeans, books, mugs and maybe even food?? None can deny it’s strong message to ‘keep calm’ and sure enough, this brand has taken over our lives in one swoop. With that said, how does their mug perform in our everyday life? Read on to find out and keep calm while doing it 😉

(this review is written with excessive care to avoid any errors, however, there might still be some appearing due to human error)



There are no packaging to speak of and it just come in a white box. There are some styrofoam planted on the side to prevent it from broken from the first drop, but the second drop will surely crack it. Remember, it does not have many lives. The box is simple with no other added designs, truly the essence of subtlety and simplicity.


Build Quality

It’s a normal ceramic mug with a bright yellow paint; it’s visually attractive enough that you will not miss it when you walk past, unless you are in a room full of yellow(or minions). The paint job is pretty clean and there are no scratch or damaged marks anywhere when I open it. The words are printed in white with the smiley face. These fonts and smiley face are slightly extruded and you can feel it when rubbing the mug carefully. It gives a nice texture difference instead of all-smooth surface.

The mug ear is big enough to let in 4 fingers of any size. It is attached to the mug quite strongly and does seem durable enough to last for a year. At the bottom, it is slightly concave, so if the bottom is wet, only the outer rim will wet the surface. This makes them easy to clean.

P1020203 copy

Still, this is made with normal ceramic that will shatter to pieces if you drop it from a 1 metre height or with forceful throw. It’s safe when landed on soft surface like your bed or the bean bag, but any harder and you will have to get a new one sadly. This is probably the reason the company printed ‘Keep Calm’ with big fonts. If you do as they say, this mug will have lesser chance of breaking.


Usage Experience

I tried pouring hot and cold beverages, ranging from tea, hot chocolate, cola, lemon honey and more liquid. The ceramic material make it non-sticky and the stains are easy to clean. I have also found that the surface still retain it’s smooth texture, truly a reason for me to ‘Keep Smiling’ :).

The weight of the mug is almost balanced, and you will be able to hold it normally for some time. However, I suspect that if you do it everyday, the mug ear will just give up and they will separate forever. Only a strong glue can bring them back and if you don’t want to trouble yourself, don’t hold it whole day everyday. You have been warned.

One last thing to add is probably because it’s bright yellow with a smiley face printed on it, I feel that it does remind me to keep calm in this busy life. It is especially so with homework, projects or anything stressing you up. I shall follow this advice for life and I hope you too 😀



This is a perfectly normal mug with a good advice for living life. Indeed, by keeping ourself calm and smiling, we can solve many problems that Life will give us. The bright yellow paint helps to alleviate sadness as it resemble a sun; light energy to sustain our smile. Get this mug if you need a mug that keeps you motivational!

For the quality/experiences that it gave me, I would give it 7/10!

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